Castalia Journal

Castalia’s Journal:

Entry 1
Date: July 22, 1209
Dear Journal,
These past couple years have been hard. Pater has become like a father to me. Ever since my own father shipped me and my brother, Sabastian, off to my current Pater’s house. Let me tell you a little about me, since this is my first entry ever. My name is Castalia Praelia. One day, in a few more years, I’ll get to pick a last name. That’s how my house in the Order of Hermes chooses names. Your first name is the name your birth parents give you at birth, your middle name is the name your Pater or Mater gives to you, and your last name is the name you can give yourself once you complete your final test, called a Gauntlet. I still have 9 more years of training with my Pater before I get to take my Gauntlet. I have a younger brother, Sabastian, who is 3 years younger than me. Our mother died when we were both young. My father couldn’t, or wouldn’t i should say, raise two kids by himself. So, when i was 5, and Sabastian was 2, he shipped us both off to my Pater’s house. Even though my brother is not a mage, my Pater is a kind man and took us both in. He later told me that he had always wanted children and that we were his miracles. My House in the Order of Hermes is house Guernicus. We are like the”Judicial Branch” as the mundanes call it. See, I know about mundanes things because my brother is mundane, but my Pater says that I should keep a close relationship with him because “family is important.” My Pater isn’t like other masters that other apprentices have. Most have mean people that make them do manual labor. But not my Pater. He really cares for me. I think, in some ways, he thinks of Sabastian and me as kind of his own children. He has raised us for the past 11 years. That’s more than either of our birth parents did. He really is the best. He has taught me so much. I hope to be in house Guernicus. Law and order are very important to me. And investigations are my favorite. So, now you know a little bit about me, so i’ve decided to keep this journal. This should be fun! ~Castalia P.

Entry 2
Date: July 26, 1209
Dear Journal,
I dont even know what just happened! It all happened so fast! And now he’s just lying there. Pater doesn’t know what to do! He’s trying to help Sabastian and I can’t stop crying and I don’t know what’s happened and the mage man isn’t getting up! It all started about an hour ago when Sabastian came sprinting in through the door. Pater was in the house working and wasn’t in the room. I asked Sabastian what was wrong and he said that he had seen a boy in the street steal coins and a ring out of a man’s pocket and then he ran away. The man reached into his pocket, probably to pull out the money and realized there was nothing there. The man looked at Sabastian and automatically assumed he had committed the crime. The man yelled at him and tried to strike him with magic! He was a mage! Sabastian took off running and ran all the way here. He was panting and all of a sudden there was a bang at the door. And lots of shouting and suddenly the door flew down in a smoldering heap of ash and dust. A Flambeau mage no doubt. He had dark black hair and mahogany eyes that looked as if something as small as a few coins could make him angry enough to harm someone. “MUNDANE!” He yelled in a booming voice. “GIVE ME BACK WHAT YOU HAVE STOLEN AND I MIGHT NOT CAST YOU INTO THE FIRES OF HELL!”

“I didn’t steal anything! Promise!” Sabastian replied in a squeaky voice, “the other black haired boy did! Honest!”

“LIAR! THERE WAS NO OTHER BOY! NO ONE SNEAKS PAST LINNEAUS THE FLAMBEAU! NOW PERISH PUNY MUNDANE!!!” he bellowed. I was so scared i couldn’t even think. All of a sudden there was a burst of light and heat. Sabastian dove out of the way, but he was burned. Badly. “NO!” I screamed! Just then, my Pater came crashing out of the house and cast some spell that I’d never even heard before! It wasn’t demonic, i know what those sound like. This sounded like a defensive spell. But before i knew it, the Flambeau man was on the ground not moving, or blinking, or breathing. He was dead. I rushed to the side of Sabastian who wasn’t moving either. He was still breathing, but shallowly. Pater was trying to help him. Pater sent me to my room after that, he told me to lock up before though. Now, I am laying in wait for when Pater comes to tell me news about my brothers condition. But all i can think about is one thing: Pater just killed another mage. I have been studying Hermetic Law. That is definitely against all of our truces and codes. How can I enforce rules when i obviously must cover up this crime. My Pater just saved my brother’s life, and possibly my own. No one in any tribunal will view this act as self defense, but he saved me, and the most important thing in my life. I must help him so that this act never sees the light of day. I have decided to be the world’s biggest hypocrite. I owe my Pater everything for what he just did. He just risked his own life for me and my brother. Now i will risk my future for him. ~Castalia P.

Entry 3
Date: August 4, 1209
Dear Journal,
Sabastian is in a full body cast right now. Pater told me he would take care of the Flambeau. I didn’t ask any more questions, although i did not like the flare i saw in his eyes. It was something i had never seen before. I take care of him when I’m not studying. I try to spend as much time with him as can. He wasn’t burned everywhere, however, his whole left side is completely immobile, which means he is immobile. He has been ordered not to move. Pater and I take turns waiting on him and serving him. I feel so badly. As his sister, his big sister, i should protected him. I should’ve been the one to get burned. Although, since i am the “special one” of the two of us, no one else thinks so. i still feel guilty though. He’s only 13! This isn’t fair! I would tell Pater that he should take legal action, but my brother is only a mundane…and the Flambeau is now dead, which makes it very hard to make a case. I still don’t know how it will all play out. How can I keep this big of a secret for an entire lifetime? Especially when i want to be a Quaesitor? What if someone finds out or i let something slip? Everything could be ruined and Pater could be arrested or worse and no one would take care of Sabastian or me and everything would be terrible and it would all be my fault!!! Okay, okay I’m freaking myself out now. I guess I am just going to have to lie to everyone about what happened to my brother or something. I can’t ask Pater because I’d just worry him and the last thing he needs is another child to worry about. I guess I’m all alone. Okay, I can hear Pater calling to me to go check on Sabastian. By the way, Journal, watch yourself. Things have been going missing lately and I think it might be a fairy or someone stealing my stuff and I don’t want you to go missing. ~Castalia P.

Entry 4
Date: December 18, 1221
Dear Journal!,
I can’t believe i found you! It’s been so long! You went missing so long ago and as i was walking through my new convanent, which has soooooo many regios, i found you just laying there in the middle of the cave! There was a fairy, i don’t know who it was, but he stole you and a few other things from my room, but this was the worst! To catch you up, i found a new covanent! They have also accepted my brother and are all very nice! I’ve made some new friends, and i don’t have to spend so much time taking care of Sabastian. I can learn so much here! Although, it does get a little…stuffy. I don’t really like being cooped up here. There’s also a Flambeau. I may have said a little too much about what happened all that time ago and now it’s a little awkward between us. However, we have sort of become friends, i guess. He seems harmless enough. He is actually pretty funny! There’s another girl too. Her name is Alexis. I want to be friends with her because i need another friend that isn’t a scrawny kid that doesn’t even look like he is old enough to take a gauntlet, a man who is in the same group of a man my Pater killed, and a kid who does acrobatics in his free time instead of learning from books! She seems pretty cool…and shes part wolf! Anyway, there’s a guy who is kind of on to me and my Pater. He seems like an ally but i am not sure. At this point, I’m just looking for a friend. I hope that we get a quest soon to get out of here! ~Castalia P.

Entry 5
Date: March 6, 1222,
Dear Journal,
So we got a quest. All of us have gone on a quest, given to us by Zotikos’s Pater (I’m actually really jealous. Zotikos’s Pater has actually talked to him. Mine hasn’t. I miss him a lot. I wonder if he misses me to? But I’m really jealous that his Pater talked to him. But I’m also happy for him.). Long story short, we went on this magic boat ride, which really freaked Lex and Asiza out! Then, when we finally got to the island we were going to, it was tiny! We are staying in a barn/ shed thing! It’s gross! And not that I’m all girly like that (you of all books should know that), but its really weird. Lex just left to go scout out the mountain because it is dark and she can scout things out in the dark very sneakily. I’m pretty excited, too. Well, I better get some sleep. No one else seems to get any, but Zotikos’s nightmares don’t really bother me. I’m certainly not going to judge or anything. If it was me with the scarring and stuff, I’d want someone to help me, not just complain. I’ll write in here tomorrow night and tell you how things go! ~Castalia P.

Entry 6
Date March 7, 1222,
Dear Journal,
I have no idea where to even begin! We Went up the mountain today and it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done! We went into the cave that Alexis told us about last night and it was so weird! It looked, at first, like it was just a regular cave, but once we got farther in, it was very obvious that it was man made and man carved. We went farther in and down a staircase. Long story short, we went into a room and guess whose lab it was?! Lanneaus’s!!! I almost cried! I was freaking out the entire time! They kept questioning and not knowing if the mage that lived there was dead or not and i had to try my hardest to make sure they didn’t catch on to me and figure me out. Klyses is going to kill me! Anyway, no one did catch on, but still! It scared me. After that, we went down more spiral stairs and met some lava men and even after i suggested that we should try one of my mentem sleeping spells on them, they didn’t let me try until the end! I felt so helpful though! If it hadn’t been for me, we never would’ve gotten past them. I hope that this has proven to them that I am a valuable asset to this team. After that, we let out a bunch of muto animals onto the island and i met a very nice hypogriff that i really liked. Then we left with a bunch of stuff and now we are back on the boats headed to Smyrna. I am not looking forward to getting called to Klyses’ office later today to most definitely get yelled at for not being more careful. Ugh. Wish me luck. ~Castalia P.

Entry 7
Date September 21, 1222
Dear Journal,
Well skata. I broke it. I broke the code. It’s dangerous to even write that down, but I had to say something and tell someone. I cast Call to Slumber on Zeuxis. He was using so much fire and it was so big and powerful and scary and he cast a big fire thing at a wall of thorns and I just did it on impulse. I hope I can work something out and I wont get into trouble. This could be reeeeeally bad for me. Anyway, my fear of fire caught up to me. Zeuxis cast fire spells tonight and it was scary. We have to have a meeting later on. I gotta go! Wish me luck…again…

Entry 8
Date September 21,1222
Dear Joural,
He read my mind. Klyses read my mind. Literally. He thinks the infernal had something to do with Constantinople being sacked, and with Sebastian. He thinks the thief that actually stole something from Lanneaus might have had something to do with the infernal. That is soooo scary. He thinks that i might have known or seen the thief and that he needed my memories to search them for this person. He also needs Sebastian’s memories. Before I came and wrote in here, I told Sebastian about what Klyses needs. He was scared at first, but I told him about what it could mean for helping people and for figuring out the truth, and maybe even finding someone to blame for his accident. That made him feel better. He said that he wants to help people as much as he can and so he agreed. However, Klyses mentioned that I might not know everything about Sebastian and his “inner life.” I said that was crazy, but then Sebastian later asked me if I would get to see his memories. He seemed worried. I don’t want to think he seemed worried, but it’s my job to notice things like behavioral patterns, etc. He seemed worried. I lied and said no, but I will take Klyses up on his offer for a briefing afterward (although I feel badly about it). Hopefully, it was just my imagination and nothing bad will happen, but I have a feeling that this is going to go downhill…and end badly. ~Castalia P.

Entry 9
Date: November 28, 1225
Dear Journal,
I’m sorry I haven’t been writing…in like 3 years. I’ve been so busy. With everything. Sebastian, quests, and all sorts of stuff. I know I should’ve written more, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. So much has happened in the years since I’ve been gone. The most important thing is that Sebastian can talk now. More accurately, he can say his thoughts out loud. He’s not afraid of fire. And he doesn’t need me anymore. This scares me. A lot. I have always felt needed, and it’s not like I _need _ to be needed, but it was nice. I felt loved and necessary in the world. And now I feel nothing. No one loves me like that anymore. He can leave and be his own person, and no one loves me again. It’s very lonely.
I am also starting quest tomorrow. I must venture with Alexis, (who I’ve grown to like very much), and find a child of an unknown gender, age, etc., and bring them back to the covenant with us. I must care for her, train her, and protect her until the next tribunal. The Tribunal is the one that gave me the quest in the first place! I’ve always wanted a child. Now I may get to grow close to a child once again. I will care for her and protect her. I will. I will not replace Sebastian, but I will care for this girl or boy. I wonder what will happen. I’m sure I wont get attached though. I’ve always had attachment issues. I’m sure it will be perfectly easy to let him/her go at the next Tribunal in 1228. I’m excited for the new and interesting experience!
~Castalia P.

Entry 10
Date: November 29, 1225
Dear Journal,
I went on my quest…it didn’t go as planned. I found the “special” child. It was a girl named Esin. She was possessed by a demon. I also found a boy. His name is Atlan. He walked right up to me and offered me lamb. He wasn’t afraid at all. He followed me everywhere. Eventually I realized that he had the Gift. He ran away from his home, (after I tried and failed to convince his mother to let me take him and help him), and followed me into the woods. He said his mother was allowing him to help Esin. I think he just ran away because he wants to learn and he knows he’s special. The Ageis fixed Esin, but tomorrow I must return to the village o return Esin. I must also take Atlan so he can tell his mother if he wants to stay with us or not. I cannot bribe her. This must be their decision. I have volunteered to take care of him, should he choose to stay with us. I am still sticking to my theory that I will not get attached. I will be fine letting him go at the next Tribunal. ~Castalia P.

Castalia Journal

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