Prostatis tou Arethusa

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In ancient times, a large following to Artemis congregated in Ephesus and a dedicated temple there was the pride of the city. However, St. Paul’s missions successfully converted the populous to Christianity, and the temple was the victim of arson in the transition. Arethusa, the high priestess attendant of the temple, managed to save the most sacred of artifacts and tombs to great risk to herself and was almost fatally wounded in a confrontation that took her right arm. She and the other priests and priestesses, fled Ephesus to the interior to north, looking for a secluded place where they could resume their devotions. Having found an area of deep and remote forest that greatly exemplified the beauty of wild nature they consecrated a site and rebuilt the temple in miniature. They discovered extensive and mysterious caves nearby where they built a home and established a permanent residence. Recognizing the effort and sacrifice that preserved the traditions in the face of great adversity, Artemis herself rewarded Arethusa by transforming her into the river [name tbd] that nourished the community.

For several hundred years they managed to exist in seclusion as a small community before the outside world intruded. When the Seljuk Turks invaded the area in the late 11th century the temple was razed and the community was decimated. So strong was the devotion of the community, however, that they continued their devotions at the now ruined temple as ghosts and continue to do so.

The site remained in seclusion for several decades until a redcap discovered the site in 1159. Shortly thereafter, three mages explored the area and established a spring covenant there with Arethusa’s spirit, which was still quite active, as the resident patron. The three mages were from a tradition within house Ex Miscellanea

This is the Player’s covenant, who’s name translates to ‘Protectors of Arethusa", and references to the covenant are sometimes shortened to ’Arethusa’ or even ‘Prostatis’. It has some NPC’s to be decided later, but at least one of them is Alex’s PC’s Mater. Some others are exiles from Constantinople and are very anti-Latin.

The Patron of the covenant is the spirit of Arethusa, who was an attendant of Artemis who protected her from harm by transforming her into a river. The covenant derives income from this river in the form of panning for gold. Indeed, any attempt to pan for gold outside of the covenant will fail. She can be seen in spirit form at night (particularly during a bright moon) as a young maid wondering the riverbanks near the covenant or attending to the ruins of the temple of Artemis nearby.

The covenant has the following boons and hooks:


  • Local Ally (Arethusa)
  • Seclusion (forested area near a river far from civilization
  • Lybrynthine (caves)
  • Magic Aura of 3
  • Hidden Resources (the caves have not revealed all their secrets)


  • Regio with Unexpected Entries
  • Fallen Temple
  • Latin Spies
  • Chapterhouse (in Smyrna)
  • Poorly Defensible

Prostatis tou Arethusa

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