Gigas was established in 1023, initially as a place for recovery by those magi and favored companions who had been wounded in the Schism War. From the very beginning the Tribunal was suspicious of its agenda, particularly when in 1069 it established a policy of admitting only members of House Tremere.

Setting and Physical Description

Gigas is the most northerly of the Theban covenants, at the very north edge of a rich and fertile valley southwest of Sofia. The magi occupy a hunting lodge in a small expanse of forest that has a weak Magic aura. In order to avoid attention in this well-populated area, the lodge itself is kept quite small, and the sancta of the magi mainly are underground.

Culture and Traditions

Gigas is House Tremere’s most significant holding in the Theban Tribunal. Its purpose is to report back to Coeris — the Tremere domus magna in Transylvania — all news that could not be obtained through the usual channels.
Several members of Gigas have been outspoken in their condemnation of some of the Tribunal’s practices, and feel that the magical tradition of the Order has been debased and usurped by “vulgar paganism.” They seek to normalize the Tribunal and bring its practices back in line with the rest of the Order. They pursue minor objectives to fulfill this goal, such as championing Latin over Greek, setting precedents in the hope of adding to the Peripheral Code, and reviewing as many laws as possible when a member is assigned to the Legislative Board. They claimed a minor victory recently when the position of logothete ceased to be elected every Tribunal; although this motion was not proposed by a member of the covenant, they successfully campaigned for its passing. The leader of Gigas is reported to have stated that “even the Roman Republic was brought down by a tyrant.” If true, this statement betrays Gigas’ (and thus House Tremere’s) intentions should the gradual method fail.

Gigas’ Patron: Covek

Gigas has never accepted the need for a patron spirit or creature, believing it to smack of idolatry. By way of protest against this tradition, the covenant designates the familiar of their covenant’s leader as their official patron, even if it is in name only. Covek is a silver wolf, one of a lineage that has produced familiars for many prominent members of House Tremere, including all of the leaders of Gigas. It is considered an honor to be chosen by one of these magnificent beasts.


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