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Character Type: Magus
Player: Rich
Covenant: Prostatis tou Arethusa
Conf. Score: 3
Conf. Pts: 1
Size: +0

House: Merinita
Covenent of Apprenticeship:

Intelligence +3 Perception +1
Dexterity -2 Quickness +0
Communication -2 Presence +3
Strength +0 Stamina +2
Virtues Flaws
Faerie Magic Susceptibility to Divine Power
Quiet Magic Restriction (while afraid)
Strong Faerie Blood (Sidhe) Warped Magic (Mild Intoxication)
Second Sight Nightmares
Puissant Imagonem Visions
Deft Form – Imagonem
Ability Score XP
Romaic Greek 5 75
Area Lore (Contantinople) 1 5
Athletics (Climbing) 2 15
Awareness (Hiding Places) 2 15
Survival (City) 1 15
Stealth 2 15
Faerie Lore 2 15
Legerdamain 2 15
Magic Theory (Illusions) 2 15
Parma Magica 1 5
Concentration 1 5
Second Sight 1 5
Techniques Forms
Art Score XP Art Score XP Art Score XP
Creo 8 36 Animal 0 0 Ignem 0 0
Intelligo 4 10 Aquam 0 0 Imagonem 10 55
Muto 1 1 Auram 0 0 Mentem 1 1
Perdo 1 1 Corpus 0 0 Terram 0 0
Rego 1 1 Herbam: 0 0 Vim 10 55
Art Amt Art Amt Art Amt
Creo X Animal X Ignem X
Intelligo X Aquam X Imagonem X
Muto X Auram X Mentem X
Perdo X Corpus X Terram X
Rego X Herbam X Vim X

Personality Traits:




•Born in a suburb of Constantinople

•Red wine colored eyes: if one looks closely, it almost seems like the color in the iris is flowing — like wine in a crystal goblet.

•No father

•Early memories of mother are few — she liked to sing folk songs, especially when making dinner or putting ZOTIKOS (Full of Life) to sleep

•Mother had come to Constantinople only a few months before Zotikos was born — pregnant. Had said that his father had died along the way. That he was an olive farmer whose crops had failed — so they came to Constantinople looking for work

◦In reality, Anna had been visited by a compelling stranger in her village who seduced her

◦She left her village when she realized she was pregnant, understanding that she would be ostracized for having a child out of wedlock

◦Took a job taking in wash

•Though odd mixture of people both infatuated by the child as well as someone spooked by those odd eyes. It was clear there was something supernatural about Zotikos; yet Anna was completely unphased by this — as if whatever oddness was radiating from the child had no impact on her at all. Perhaps this was love, or perhaps it was something else.

•The crusaders came and burnt as much of the area in which Zotikos lived and played.

•Mother hid him from the soldiers, but then was horribly brutalized. For weeks Zotikos had to move from hiding place to hiding place to stay away from looters and soldiers. Throughout that time he witnessed the slaughter and brutalization of nearly everyone he ever knew as a child as well as countless others.


•Growing up as an orphan in the aftermath of the sacking

•Learning how to hide, steal and fight in order to find enough food to survive

•Beginning to see things that others cannot — nymphs, spirits of the air, etc. Beginnings of second sight.

•The nightmares begin. Several times lost a prime hiding spot to older boys and unsavory adults because he would cry out in the night, drawing the attention of those who would take whatever he had just because they could.

•Easily startled by loud noises – stays away from the hippodrome, as Zotikos develops an aversion to any kind of combat. What used to be a boyhood pastime — playing at war, had now become the basis of a paralyzing fear

•Mostly trying to stay out of sight an unnoticed by all

•Failed attempt at picking the pocket of a Jerbiton mage, who at once realized that Zotikos had the gift — what’s more it was clear the boy was of some supernatural origin, likely Fae. He took Zotikos back to Michael’s Tabula where he discussed the boy’s fate with the rest of the covenant. In the meantime, the boy was well cared for and began a rudimentary education learning to read/write

•A schism developed in Michael’s Tabula by those who continued to be loyal to the oath the original defenders of Constantinople made, and those who wanted to flee further away from the Latin Empire. Those who wanted to leave thought they would serve the city best by going somewhere they did not have to marshal their forces in secret, intending to one day return and liberate the city from the Franks.

•The Jerbiton who found Zotikos was one of the members who wanted to leave — thinking that going out into the wilderness would serve the boy better as he understood that house Jerbiton would not be the right environment for him. While the boy did not have the blatant gift, there was also nothing “gentle” about him either.


•Apprenticed to House Merinta as once they arrived at the new covenant a magus from that house recognized that the Zotikos was part of the greater mystery of the Fae — in fact, he was certain that he was partially of that blood.

•Pater (Tou Neroú) was apprenticed to Leukothea of the Aegaea covenant under the sea, left that covenant (difficult as it was for it is beautiful in a completely otherworldly way), because of the overwhelming divine influence of the Latins was slowly causing a shift in the balance of auras in the Tribunal. Not that members of Aegea had any great love or interest in the rest of the mages in the tribunal, they possess a special connection to the gods of Olympus and feel a pull to halt or delay the spread of divinity at the cost of their own power. Often tells stories of life under the sea with the children of Poseidon. He was born there — a distant relation to Nereus (the old man of the sea). Zotikos falls in love with the idea of the seclusion living there would bring. How could he be plagued with the sounds of sword play under the sea?

•Pater has trouble relating to Zotikos, as the boy is sullen and plagued by bad dreams. The boy talks sometimes, haltingly about the horrors he had seen as a child, and while Pater understands the meaning of the boys words, all of this should just be part of the play and not taken too seriously. It is fine to play at being forlorn, as long as it is clear that it is just play, and one can "snap out of it” when the play gets dull. Zotikos never seems to tire of this play however, and for Pater, it does get wearisome. Once in a while — especially when he can lure Zotikos deeper out into a Faerie Regio, he can elicit some whimsy from the boy — who then can take delight in some lesson or casting — but upon returning to the covenant, Zotikos seems to slide into a deeper funk for several days, as if he felt guilty for taking any joy from the world at all. Who ever heard of a guilty Faerie?

•Two more years of study until it is time for the Gauntlett. Though Zotikos is a little older than most Apprentices (at 24), he still looks very much like a young teen-ager. Again proof of Fae blood.

•At this point, aside from a hatred of the Latins who destroyed his home, and learning to cope with the terrors which haunt him, Zotikos is dedicated to the completion of his studies. Perhaps when he is done he will head to Aegea and the tranquility of the sea.


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