Companion for Rich


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Character Type: Companion
Player: Rich
Covenant: Prostatis tou Arethusa
Conf. Score: 3
Conf. Pts: 1
Size: +0

Intelligence +1 Perception +1
Dexterity +2 Quickness +1
Communication 0 Presence +3
Strength +1 Stamina +2
Virtues Flaws
Puissant (Athletics) Ways of the Land (Caves)
Well Travelled Educated
Intuition Overconfident
Outlaw Close Family Ties (Father)
Disfigured Compulsion (Exploration)
Ability Score XP
Language (Romanic Greek) 5 75
Athletics (Climbing) 7 75
Area Lore (Nicaea Empire) 3 30
Brawl 2 15
Awareness 3 30
Swimming 2 15
Churgury 2 15
Survival (Caves) 5 75
Craft (Rope Making) 2 15
Survival (Forest) 2 15
Survival (City) 2 15
Craft (Stone Carving) 2 15
Language (Arabic) 2 15
Language (Vlach) 2 15
Language (French) 2 15
Language (Italian) 2 15

Personality Traits:



Birth (1194) – 1204:

Born in Nicaea
Father, Nikolas, is a professor at Nicaean University (Ancient History)
Still Alive
Provided Education for Kostas
Rambunctious child – always exploring University grounds. Always getting in trouble. Found some heretofore unknown secret passages in the university (1203) — containing valuable artifacts from the hellenic period. Father wins acclaim and discovers Kostas’ talent as a fortune hunter.

Sacking of Constantinople (1204)

Father takes sabbatical to enter the area around Constantinople to recover/preserve artifacts/treasure
Kostas comes with:
Various adventures with father (to continue to develop)
Adventures continue until 1214 with Dad. Travelling throughout Constantinople and Nicaea. Dad finally gets too old for adventures and has to retire back at Nicea.
Very close relationship with Father (more of a best friend and confidant than a father at this point).

Further Adventures to Arrival at Covenant (1214-1220)

The adventure continues with Kostas traveling by himself — becomes more of a fortune hunter than preserver of artifacts. After all, a man has to eat :)
Becomes an expert in spelunking in the Pontic Mountains
Travels to the Cave of the Seven Sleepers to search for the missing divine relic (rib of the seventh sleeper – reputed to have healing powers)
Adventures in the cave to be developed
Comes out with Rib
Attempt to sell the relic in Smyrna
Cheated by corrupt church officials — claiming the relic is a fraud (presumably so they do not have to pay or admit the discovery of the relic). Captured and tortured (church wants Kostas to sign a document admitting to forgery of a holy relic)
Hunted in Smyrna and surrounding areas
Axe wound to the side of the face while escaping leaves a horrible scar from eye socket to jaw
Comes to Arethusa where he has been hired to explore the depths of the caves there in return for protection and shelter


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